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American Specialty not only provides Records Storage Solutions, but many other Storage Solutions as well. We can help you solve any storage problem. We are the premier supplier of High Density Storage Solutions. We can provide High Density Mobile Shelving, Stationery Shelving, Rotary Shelving, Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules, and Horizontal Carousels. Our solutions are designed to save time, save space, save money and provide the level of security required, no matter what you need to store.

American Specialty has been satisfying customers since 1991. With over 15 years of experience in providing unique storage solutions, we bring considerable experience and knowledge to the task of solving your storage problems. Please contact us to arrange a consultation so you can begin getting better organized.

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Why Use a Professional Records Destruction Service?

Preserve your Expectation of Privacy

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that there is no expectation of privacy once your Practice or Business places a document in the trash or recycling bin.  That means you lose all your privacy rights, and that anyone who wishes to look at your discarded documents can do so.  You maintain your right to expect privacy if you place your Confidential Documents in a Shredding Container.

Protect your Proprietary, Confidential Information

You owe it to yourself to protect yourself first!  Any and all information that would be damaging to you if it feel into the wrong hands should be Destroyed by Shredding.  This would include Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Trial Balance Worksheets, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Tax Preparation Worksheets, obsolete Client, Patient or Customer Files, Confidential Business Records of all Sorts.

Protect your Patients, Clients and Customers

You have numerous legal responsibilities to protect Confidential Information about Patients, Clients and Customers.  By having a plan to Destroy Records by Shredding, you reduce or eliminate your legal exposure.

Comply with the Law

You must protect certain Health information you may have about a patient or employee, certain Credit information you may have about your customers, and certain Financial or Banking information you may have about your clients.  You can fulfill your legal responsibilities to your Customers, Clients or Patients by Shredding information that is no longer needed.

Environmental Stewardship

All paper placed in American Specialty shredding bins in Destroyed by Shredding then returned to the Paper Mill to be made into new paper.  By using American Specialty for your Shredding needs, you not only help yourself, you help the environment. 




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